Swami Bhashyananda

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  His Life...

Swami Bhashyananda was born as Vasanta Natu, on April 18, 1917 in Akola, India. He began his Vedic studies in childhood and was trained from an early age in the art of spiritual practice and moral living. Both his mother and father were devout Hindus and dedicated to the highest spiritual ideals. It is therefore no wonder that later in life, Swami Bhashyananda would be known for his deep committment to spiritual ideals.

Vasant received a Master in Arts from the University of Nagpur and held the highest academic degree for Sanskrit studies at that time. Before graduating, he began to attend and finally joined the Ramakrishna Mission center in Nagpur in 1936. He lived and worked there under the leadership of Swami Baskareshwarananda for 25 years. In 1962, he was transferred to the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in Calcutta, where he became assistant director.  In 1964, he was transferred to another Mission center in New York and finally, in 1965, was appointed head of the Vedanta Society in Chicago.

Swami Bhashyananda's work from 1965 to his passing in 1996 can be best characterized as a ministry of souls. Hundreds of devotees and spiritual seekers, both men and women, from various traditions and cultures, were directly influenced by his spiritual wisdom and guidance. In addition to training and advising individuals in lifestyles and spiritual practice, he developed a following of men and women who lived monastic lives, both in Chicago and at the retreat center in Ganges, Michigan. Many have since moved on to other lifestyles but some have continued their vocation at various centers around the country and in India.

Several monastic members and devotees who helped with the Swami's work in both Chicago and Ganges went on to establish Mothers Trust / Mothers Place, a 501 (C)3 religious order - organization in 1990. Later, Mothers Trust created an outreach program called the Lakeshore Interfaith Institute. Hosting a wide variety of programs, classes and activities, the institute helps educate people while exploring the sacred ways of the world's great wisdom traditions

After a full life of spirtual ministry and inspired guidance to numerous seekers of truth from many spirtual traditions, Swami Bhashyananda left this world on October 4, 1996. He left behind a group of sincere seekers from a variety of backgrounds who are carrying on his mission and teachings to the best of their abilities, in the ways he taught them.

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