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Inauguration Book 1998

The following is list of links to the pages,
as they appeared in the 1998 Temple Inaugural Booklet,
first published in 1998,
on the occasion of the opening of the public facility and shrine at Mother's Trust / Mother's Place.

Page 1 Main Page
Page 2 The Sri Yantra, Symbol of God As Mother
Page 3 Letter from Gauribrata
of Mothers Trust / Mothers Place, Sri Sri Sarada Mata Ashram
Page 4 Letter from Bhandana Mata Puri Devi of the Sri Sri Saradeshwari Ashram
Page 5 Letter from John Engler, then Govorner of Michigan
Page 6 Letter from the Consulate General of India
Page 7 Sri Ramakrishna
Page 8 Sri Sarada Devi
Page 9 Sister Ashrams
Page 10 Sri Sri Sarada Mata Ashram, Mothers Trust / Mothers Place
Page 11 A Visit to Sri Sri Saradeshwari Ashram, by Neil Feldman
Page 12 Coming Home to Mother, by Ruth Harring
Page 13 Sri Ramakrishna, by Sarabindu Kar
Page 14 Our Loving Sri Sri Ma, by Subhash C. Basu & Rajit Basu
Page 15

Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi: Ideal Karma Yogini, by Usha & Umesh Gulati

Page 15

Gauri Ma, by Sarabindu Kar

Page 16 Saradeshwari Ashram & Gauri Ma, by Nirod Baran Chakraborty, Ph.D.